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NFSP Mentor
Qualifications & Responsibilities

NFSP Mentors are a key component to the success of the "Fishing in Schools" program.  In many respects they are "adjunct professors" of outdoor education in our public and private schools across the U.S.  Experienced, seasoned, helpful and patient, the Mentor's primary role is to help assist teachers to provide the "final touches" in moving the students from their newfound knowledge and skills gained indoors to their safe, proper and rewarding implementation outdoors.

Mentor Qualifications - general

Individuals wishing to volunteer to become Certified NFSP Mentors, have these characteristic qualifications:

  1. They have had some form of "teaching" experience: as an actual school teacher, a coach, or as an instructor in an educational application

  2. They are generally experienced fishers, having spent many years actually fishing in a variety of locations, for a variety of fish, using a variety of angling methods 

  3. They have a genuine desire to help young people learn about the outdoors, and have the patience, understanding and wisdom to pass along knowledge and skills in a constructive, effective manner, using a standardized, consistent approach

  4. They are willing to learn how the standardized NFSP curriculum is taught, and agree to teach "their" students in the same fundamental ways; (e.g., agree to assist learners using the casting methods prescribed in the NFSP curriculum)

  5. They understand the importance of their role in reinforcing standardized instruction that enhances the positive results sought by all

As volunteers, Mentors assume responsibilities that are best carried by someone with:

  • Time to devote . . . due to the variable nature of the needs of each school, to their "Mentor School" and the students who require their assistance

  • Several years of teaching experience and fishing experience . . . "veteran" is a word that often describes an NFSP Mentor

  • Willing to comport with any application/background check regulations imposed by state/local education authorities.

Mentor responsibilities:

  1. Make application to become an NFSP Mentor

  2. Attend a 1-day Personal Training/certification or take the NFSP CAST Online Training Course and pass an exam.

  3. Be available, by phone and/or email, to his/her "Mentor School". 

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