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NFSP Level 2 Certified Teacher Trainer

NFSP Level 2 Certified Teacher Trainers, known as "CTTs", are the mid-level instructors/educators who "teach the teachers."  They also most often teach/certify NFSP Mentors.

In the 3-tiered training hierarchy, CTTs are the most active of all "Fishing in Schools" educators, as they have the most "on the ground" teachers to instruct in how to teach the NFSP curriculum in public and private schools.  As such, CTTs are the "backbone" of the educational process and though technically volunteers, they are compensated for their time and travel in most situations.

To become a CTT, the individual must attend a 2-day training and pass a written exam.  To learn more about what's required of an NFSP Level 2 Certified Teacher Trainer, or to apply to become one, please select the links below:

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