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NFSP Level 3 Trainer Educator

The NFSP Level 3 Trainer Educators are the few individuals who "train the trainers."  They are the top level of the 3-tiered NFSP training hierarchy.  The recipients of their training efforts become NFSP Level 2 Teacher Trainers (CTTs), NFSP Level 1 Teachers and NFSP Mentors.

As NFSP grows, additional Level 3 Educators will be added to the program.  At the present time, there are just 2:  Katie Dement, the NFSP Program Manager, and her father, Dana Cole.  As primary educators, they are the most closely connected with the continually-evolving "Fishing in Schools" program and the curriculum that drives it.

If you have interest in talking with us about becoming a top-level NFSP Educator, please contact us.

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