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Rod Outfits

The "Fishing in Schools" program is designed to provide the correct education, training and equipment to students taking its curriculum.  Our goal is to have students be successful and enjoy the sport.  To do this properly, the fly or spincast rods, reels, lines and leaders must be appropriate for and accommodate the beginning  fisher.  These outfits are provided with the standard NFSP Curriculum Kit.  Individual outfits or items may be ordered from our store, NFSP Online Store.

  • For elementary & middle schools . . .
    most often we prescribe 8 to 8 1/2', 4/5 weight, mid-flex rods as the standard rod outfit the "Fishing in Schools" program uses for its fly fishing curriculum in elementary and middle schools.  It is the same starter rod-and-reel outfit for adults, but with a slimmer, shorter grip to make it easier for the junior angler to hold. The outfit includes a mid-flex fly rod, a single-action reel, 4/5 wt. weight forward fly line, fly-line backing, and a fly-fishing leader.
  • For high schools . . .

    usually 8 1/2', 5 weight, mid-Flex rods are the perfect length and weight for most students.  This is the standard rod outfit recommended for high schools for the "Cast A Fly, Catch A Student" curriculum of the "Fishing in Schools" program.  The fly rod and reel combo is specifically designed for the junior angler.  Rods feature a smaller and shorter grip tailored for smaller hands. The single-action reel contains floating line, backing and leader.

    All rod outfits are warranted by the original manufacturer... see Rod Warranty